Newly released single Cover Song is more than a song that comes to life. It details life from the inside out, focusing on each movement’s innards rather than its outer coat. The found sounds, ticking in “Cover Song” sparkle against an otherwise black backdrop. Reggie, the lead singer looks patiently inside whirring machines and pulls out their constructed heartbeats, Cover Song explains its name. PAR~A~DIGM warms their sound considerably, embellishing the song with glitch embers that speak to his trust in his listeners. Because of their support, they can fully pursue life as a band. As a gesture of appreciation, the song takes form as a rolling, gentle anchor that goes beyond their use of analog equipment, proving that rock doesn’t need a pounding beat for their fans' enjoyment. PAR~A~DIGM has given time its own soundtrack after meticulously toying with its gears. Cover Song forced the band to find new barriers to break and new worlds to explore. This single from their new soon to be released album is a signpost, an X emblazoned on a tree marking where PAR~A~DIGM had been and where they will end up going.

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